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May 6, 2016
Checking transactions: A user says that he sent a print job to print on the color printer but it did not come out and the printer is perfectly fine, what should you do? Check user transactions to see that what they are telling you is accurate (More)
April 29, 2016
This week was Roth Regatta. It was great to see my fellow teammates and co-workers working so hard on trying to get the boat across the pond. It was even more meaningful because I had contributed to the boat building process and knew how difficult an (More)
April 22, 2016
FAQ Professors BlackBoard Issues How do I add a student to my class? Common questions: Why isn't my class showing up? Direct blackboard questions to blackboard specialists Projector Issues Direct their call to AV serv (More)
April 15, 2016
This was the week of our practice presentations. We received tips and tricks from Tara and Richard on giving the most effective presentation and documentation. Here was some advice that we received: Presentation: -       Make background more us (More)
April 8, 2016
This week I experienced my first impatient professor on the support line. He was fairly rude, demanding, and stubborn. In this type of scenario I must remember to do this: Keep calm no matter what the user says Be professional always- regardles (More)
March 10, 2016
One essential lesson I received this week was about the significance of the cookies and cache on our computers. When our cookies and cache get too full, the internet/programs can get glitchy. For instance, a student tried to submit an assignment on B (More)
March 24, 2016
This week I learned how to create labels in my Gmail and how to change my settings to better organize my inbox. I can automatically put certain senders under certain labels by modifying the settings. This is really helpful for all the e-mails I will (More)
March 19, 2016
With Spring Break coming to an end, so marks the end of our original shadowing schedules. It is good to gain as much knowledge as possible by learning about different leadership styles/experiences. I feel like as the semester goes by more and more I (More)
March 4, 2016
Guest Access and Printing When someone requests for guest access printing, the first thing I must ask them is "Are you sponsored by one of our faculty?" If they are not, I must tell them that guest access has been stopped for our computer sites bu (More)
February 5, 2016
Today is our first official snow day of the spring semester. Classes are cancelled and the snow has gracefully covered all of campus. I woke up to my 9AM alarm (latest I ever woke up all week) and opened my curtains to see snow coming down and people (More)
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