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“Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology,” this quote said by Brian Solis is more relevant in our society today than it has ever been. As we move into a more ‘technologically advanced’ society, social media has become an e (More)
Ken\'s Tweetly Create
I\'m very picky with how I use Twitter to shape my online identity since it\'s public for all to see. I use it to retweet things from my apps\' Twitter accounts and some other posts I really like, and occasionally some thoughts I have. Lately I\'ve r (More)
Weekly Create Chris W
I\'ve learned a whole lot about Apple\'s native apps. I suggest you check them out. For more on my reaction to Apple\'s visit to CDT 450 two weeks ago, check out my weekly iP (More)
A Little Birdy Told Me All About You
#Identity #Apple #Reddit More)
Weekly Create - Shady
Twitter will affect one\'s identity as it will be a different means of communication ... with ... the world! People will read and observe your style, not knowing how you look, how you talk, they will base their opinion, and as a consequence, create a (More)
Embed Items in Your SB You Site
Want to learn how to embed a Google Form, Calendar, or Twitter Feed into your SB You site? Check out this recorded webinar. (More)
and Now for a TweetUP
on location in SAC A setting up Meet and Tweet with T (More)
At the Drop of a Tweet
In the rapidly evolving age of information that we are currently planted smack dab in the middle of, there are a handful of emerging methods of communication at our disposal via the Internet. One of the most readily available forms of social media is (More)
blog sense
I recently wrote a blog piece on the Creation Renaissance.  One day I tweeted about it and the next day I posted about it on Facebook.  I would have guessed that the Facebook posting would have generated more views, but for all three; pageviews, visi (More)
Who says what\'s #trending ?
Windows Phone Tile The New York Times Style Magazine website published an article yest (More)
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