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Wen Cong, URECA Researcher of the Month - February 2016
SoMAS students and faculty have spent some of their summer preparing for conferences, giving talks and training futur (More)
Earthworm Lab Students Receive Undergraduate Recognition Awards
Mateo (left) and Sajjad (right) with Dr. Sharon Pochron Students M (More)
Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry Data June 19, 2003- June 26,2003
By Shaunna Vargas This data is plotted vs. day-of-year, such that 180.5 would be noon on the 180th day of the year.  June 19th is the 170th day. [/et_p (More)
Undergraduate Research and Creativity URECA 2008-2009
Karen Bubelnik and Kamazima Lwiza, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences -- Characteristics of extreme temperatures in coastal waters of North America More)
SBU Mentors 21 Regeneron Finalists
Photo above: Regeneron Science Talent Search finalist Caitlin Gormley from Sayville Highschool standing with her GIS project Long Island as a region produced a total of 58 first-round prizewinners in the renamed Regeneron Science Talent Search (th (More)
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