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Pediatric Patient Surgical Caps
Our volunteer, Georgia Harris is using her skills and having some creative fun by making and donating  children’s size surgical caps. Georgia is using various kid-appealing fabrics for children who will be having procedures/treatments. The children g (More)
The Stony Brook Stitchers would like to give special thanks to the following people and groups for their generous donations of time, effort, and supplies to the group. April Musano Frances A. Kelley Marianna Angland Andrea Miller Gabri (More)
Christa Carlsson - Member Profile
Meet our long distance SB Stitcher – Christa Carlsson. Christa Carlsson is a talented crafter who has been donating her finished projects to SB Stitchers for (More)
The Next Step
Transitioning from high school to college is not easy.  Everyone has a unique experience at college and learns more about themselves in a way they never could under the education of primary and secondary schools.  Personally, I’ve learned that to mov (More)
What\'s the point?
Back in February I was sitting in a meeting about student success with John Robinson and Anne Moyer of Psychology.  During the meeting I heard quite a bit about their course availability and advising challenges.  Since I love teaching and actually th (More)
Working in the \"Comarca,\" Panama
Follow our progress:  https://www.hopeforahealthierhumanity.org/ On our way to Valle, Honduras to (More)
Back from Valle, Honduras
Hanging out with school kids We had a very eventful and productive tr (More)
The need for water
The communities farthest from the capital, Tegucigalpa are the communities most in need as they are the communities hardest to reach.  We are hoping to help them with a water project.  Currently, the communities nearby, and by that we mean as far as (More)
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