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I hate it when my feet are cold
My feet are always the first to get cold, I realized as I was taking a walk through the park near my house to take pictures for a school assignment. The sky was gray and overcast, every tree, flower and bush was dead, and there was barely any person (More)
WRT 302: Writing Across Contexts and Cultures
Reflection: Education and Chinese-American Students Examining the Internet’s (More)
Giving A ‘F’ About Writing
When you’re staring at a blank screen in front of you and your professor tells you to turn that into a 15 page research article, what do you do? One word starting with F: freak out. But what if there were more F’s that saved you from getting an F in (More)
The Writing Problem
Everybody knows how to write, not everybody knows how to write efficiently. I decided to become a writing minor because I wanted to communicate efficiently and later apply this skill in the workplace. However what many professionals understand as “go (More)
School vs. Declan
I have always felt a little prohibited in my writing classes. By no fault of the university I attend, or any individual educational institution do I want to shovel the blame, so I’m just going to say they all suck. Just kidding, they’re fine, it's pr (More)
Writing & Research
Research is a key element of progression and advancement across many disciplines. Whether it is for scientific or business purposes, the integration of research into a particular field can not only provide opportunities for moving forward, but as wel (More)
To Infinity and Beyond Undergrad
As I approach the beginning of the final full month of my undergraduate career, a number of feelings and thoughts cross my mind. Initially, I feel accomplished and somewhat proud that I was able to successfully endure a journey that managed to knock (More)
Life in the Clouds
It all began at the end of December in 2012. Actually, it had been going on for a while now, since the hurricane at least. While driving around bored only a few days after Christmas, I made the most outward effort to do so ever by wandering into CVS (More)
What I am Learning from the Project as a Teacher
In this post, I will be writing my own reflection about working with you, guiding you, and inspiring you (I believe) in this project. I have a lot to say about the idea, but I want to write more toward the end of the semester than early on. For now, (More)
At the Drop of a Tweet
In the rapidly evolving age of information that we are currently planted smack dab in the middle of, there are a handful of emerging methods of communication at our disposal via the Internet. One of the most readily available forms of social media is (More)
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