About TEDxSBUWomen



TEDxSBUWomen is a movement to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in Stony Brook and the wider community as well as a chance to take a look at some of the barriers that are preventing women from achieving their full potential. We hope to invite a small host of speakers of any gender that can show how little actions can cause a huge shift.

Within 24 hours of the TEDWomen conference, there will be hundreds of TEDxWomen events around the world taking part in this movement. TEDxSBUWomen will be an intimate event held on campus at the SAC Auditorium. We will host a stream of the TEDWomen event on campus along with a few local speakers.
TEDWomen and TEDxSBUWomen will explore the bold ideas that create progress and new social, scientific and artistic traction–the ideas that create Momentum.

TTEDxWomen2015_250x250_BL_2EDWomen speakers are varied.  There will be conversations about how the meaning of diversity will change as America’s demographics change, compassionate exchanges about the grey areas that truly govern the abortion debate, the invisible footprints of marine animals and their effect on currents, the lives of women in war zones and their participation in the mediation process, listening to glaciers with hydrophones and computational genetics amongst many more topics.

You can see the whole list of presenters for the TEDWomen event here.
See the “Speakers” page for our current confirmed speakers.