Benthic Ecology Meeting 2017

Our recent trip to the 2017 Benthic Ecology Meeting in Myrtle Beach, SC shows how big the Peterson Lab family is growing!  Brad, six current or recent graduate students, and four alumni attended to talk science with our fellow benthic marine ecologists.

You can tell which of us are experts at this.

Here’s a list of our posters and presentations from this year’s Benthics:

Carroll, J.; et al. Not a fun threesome: the prevalence, impact and interaction of boring sponges and pea crabs on oysters.

Chin, D.W.​; et al. The influence of chemosymbiotic clams (Lucinidae) on sediment in tropical seagrass beds.

Heck, S.; et al. Exploring the indirect effects of the presence of black sea bass (Centropristis striata) on the survival of bay scallops (Argopecten irradians).

Lowell, A.V.; et al. Modulating pCO2 in situ: a novel approach for a complex world.

Kulp, R.E​.; et al. Soft-vegetative and hard-bottomed biogenic habitats alter the foraging efficiency of predators in a species-dependent manner.

O’Toole, K.; et al. Development of a bio-optical model to optimize seagrass restoration within Long Island estuaries. (poster)

Stubler, A.D.; et al. With or without nutrients, sponges are boring: the effects of eutrophication on bioerosion.

Tinoco, A.I.; et al. Effects of Hurricane Sandy on Great South Bay, Long Island: assessing water quality, seagrass and nekton communities. (poster)

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