Where We Work

Much of our research is concentrated around Long Island, NY.  However, we are involved in projects which have us doing field work in Florida, and internationally in Jamaica and Panama.  Below are lists of locations and research:

Long Island

Long Island, NY Research Sites

1) Hudson River


2) Jamaica Bay

  • National Park Service estuarine condition monitoring
  • Effect of hydroperiod and organic load on salt marsh health

3) Great South Bay

  • National Park Service estuarine condition monitoring
  • Genetic assessment of eelgrass  Zostera marina
  • Impacts of multiple stressors on eelgrass populations
  • Great South Bay ecosystem study
  • Effects of hard clam restoration on benthic biodiversity
  • Shallow water hard clam survey


4) Moriches Bay and Forge River

  • Seagrass habitat mapping study
  • Assessment of benthic macrofauna in the eutrophied Forge River

5) Shinnecock Bay

  • Genetic assessment of eelgrass populations
  • Impacts of multiple stressors on eelgrass populations
  • Impact of nutrient loading, bivalve filtration and plankton communities on estuarine resources
  • Influence of ocean exchange on nutrients, plankton, SAV and shellfish
  • Shinnecock Bay Restoration Project
  • Investigation of mechanisms controlling size and formation of natural seagrass patches
  • Monitoring newly settled blue crab densities in multiple habitats
  • Investigating the impacts of an invasive alga on native fauna


6) Peconic Bays

  • Genetic assessment of eelgrass populations
  • Assessment of groundwater herbicide toxicity on seagrass
  • Evaluation of groundwater on eelgrass and epiphyte grazer populations
  • Restoration of Peconic bay scallop populations and fisheries
  • Evaluation of alternative habitats on bay scallop survival and growth

7) Orient Harbor

  • Restoration of Peconic bay scallop populations
  • Impacts of seagrass patch architecture on scallop recruitment, growth and survival

Southeastern U.S.

Florida Research Sites

1) Gulf Coast

  • Investigating the genetic diversity of turtle grass, Thalassia testudinum

2) Florida Bay/Florida Keys

  • Marine reserve effectiveness in restoring coastal food webs
  • Impacts of freshwater discharge variability and benthic and pelagic grazing on phytoplankton in Florida Bay
  • The role of filter feeding sponges on controlling phyoplankton blooms and seagrass health
  • The role of herbivorous fish in creating nutrient “hot spots” around patch reefs



Research sites in the Caribbean

1) Discovery Bay, Jamaica

  • Winter field course in Tropical Marine Ecology
  • Influence of megaresort shore development on reef sedimentation and sponge communities
  • Impacts of leaf tissue nutrient content on herbivory

2) Bocas Del Torro, Panama

  • Investigation of ocean acidification on sponge-coral interactions

Recent Posts

Welcome New Graduate Students!

We are excited to welcome Leah Reidenbach and Dylan Cottrell to the lab in fall 2017!

Leah completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Central Florida in 2013 where she worked with policy makers and educators to produce high school level education materials on the topic of sea level rise. This was followed by a marine lab internship at the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation where she researched the effects of eutrophication on seagrass and macroalgae, as well as macroalgal physiology. Next, she completed her Master’s degree at California State University, Northridge in 2017.  Her thesis was on the effects of ocean acidification and eutrophication on the green bloom-forming macroalga Ulva spp.

Dylan completed his undergraduate studies in 2013, whereupon he served in the Peace Corps for two years in Malawi. Since his return, he has been working on a program to commercially farm seaweed.

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