A Huge Medical Breakthrough for Cancer Treatment by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi

Cancer is a disease that has claimed millions and millions of lives and still we have not found any cure for such a deadly disease. In order to fight cancer, we must first understand what it is. Cancer is the mutation of healthy, normal cells into abnormal cells.  Typically, normal cells grow and divide to create new cells per the body’s requirements. Eventually, they become damaged or grow old and die off. When a cell becomes abnormal, this cycle is thrown into havoc. Old or damaged cells continue to live when they should die, they produce new cells that are not needed. This leads to the uncontrollable growth of new cells that invade into other, healthy tissue within the human body. Cancer agents and researchers alike have been unable to find a viable cure for this vicious disease. The treatments that are available attempt to kill the cancer cells, but do not have the intelligence to distinguish between cancer cells and healthy cells. As a result, these treatments kill cancer cells and healthy cells alike. There is no known cancer treatment that is capable of addressing the disease at its root cause: the mutation of normal cells to cancerous ones. If there was a treatment that prevented or was capable of reversing this process of mutation, then not only would we have a cure for cancer. We would have a mode of treatment that prevents cancer from arising in the first place.

Presently, I have come across a new form of treating cancer which not only targets cancer cells, but also reverses the process of mutation and transforms cancerous cells into healthy cells. Yes, you read it right. The Trivedi Effect, discovered by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi in 1995, has over 4,000 science studies and nearly 200 peer-reviewed publications, many of which have been conducted in many different areas and fields of science, including the arenas of genetics and cancer research. By administering a Biofield Energy Transmission, Mr. Mahendra Trivedi has been able to transform endometrial and prostate cancer cell lines into healthy cells. When comparing the control cells with the treated cells, the data indicated the reverse mutation of cancer.

Without doubt, this is miraculous. It is difficult to believe, yet impossible to deny. If this form of treatment can be given to people suffering from cancer, then a lot of lives can be saved. Perhaps this can even lead to the eradication of cancer completely. This is a huge medical breakthrough and is available to us in this present time and age. We should all take benefit from this as much as we can.

The publication is titled “In Vitro Evaluation of Biofield Treatment on Cancer Biomarkers Involved in Endometrial and Prostate Cancer Cell Lines” and is published in the Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy. I strongly encourage all of you to read this study, and I cannot stress this enough.

Here is the link to the peer-reviewed scientific publication:


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  1. Elle Smith

    This is really a huge Medical breakthrough. The overall strategy of this research work is truly amazing and so the results. I am happy to read about Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and hoping that this treatment strategy would be adopted worldwide considering its benefits.


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