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Uplifting Consciousness with The Trivedi Effect

Hi everyone! My name is Vaidik Trivedi, and I am an international student at Stony Brook University. This being my first semester at Stony Brook and away from my home, I discovered a lot of things in this new land, America. I explored a lot about myself, like I enjoy going on long walks, looking at nature from a different perspective, and watching the stars at night endlessly. I started to connect to myself and got to know myself better like I have never known myself for 18 years. I connected to my inner consciousness and it felt amazing. I knew that connecting to one’s consciousness was like a gift and not everyone gets it. Moreover, even lesser of them master it. I wanted to further connect to this consciousness within and uplift it to a higher level  and so I started to research about how to have a better and an unwavering connection to this universal source of energy so that I can enjoy my life to the fullest. Continue reading