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Effects of Biofield Energy on Stainless Steel Powder

One of the most commonly used and popular metals in our day to day lives is stainless steel. Stainless Steel is known by many other names like inox steel or inox from the French word inoxydable. The main reason stainless steel is so popular is due to its luster, low maintenance and noncorrosive nature. Stainless steel can resist moisture and air more powerfully than ordinary steel. Yet even with its high-resistance to rust, stainless steel cannot stand up against environments with low-oxygen, high-salinity, or poor air-circulation. Continue reading

The Trivedi Effect on Antimony Sulfide

The world is now shifting towards alternative sources of energy. Fossil fuels cause a great harm to nature and thus we have to find an alternative source of energy to save our planet. One of the best alternative source of energy is solar power.

Antimony Sulfide is the one of the best chemical used in solar cells. It is used so extensively because of its earth abundant absorber material and low cost. Continue reading

The Trivedi Effect®: A Step Towards Alternative for Urinary Tract Infection in Young Women

In the recent modern times, health care has been one of the major concerns around the globe. Nearly every scientific community in the world is trying to improve health care by doing researches on various health issues across the globe. One of the most respected spiritual leaders is also trying to do the same but with a different approach. He is using his divine energy to eradicate diseases and optimize human potential like no other person can do on this planet. Continue reading

A Tremendous Effect of The Trivedi Effect® on The Genetic Profile of Nocardia Otitidis

A retrospective study was conducted to see the effect of Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s unique biofield energy treatment on the microbes of Nocardia otitidis for assessment of its genetic profile. The outcomes of this study has already been published in a well reputed peer-reviewed journal entitle “Biological Systems: Open Access“. Nocardiosis is an acute, subacute, or chronic supportive infection caused by Nocardia. It has a pronounced tendency to remission and exacerbation. Infections are localized or disseminated. Continue reading

The Trivedi Effect® Could be The Game Changer in HIV and HCMV

Sexuality is a big part of a human life. Love, affection and sexual intimacy all play a role in healthy relationships. A number of disorders can affect the ability to have or enjoy sex in both men and women. The recent scientific research work on Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) and Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) has been published in an International peer-reviewed reputed Journal entitle “American Journal of Health Research”. HIV-1 is the main causative agent of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Continue reading

Trivedi Effect on Vanadium Pentoxide

Vanadium pentoxide is a fascinating inorganic compound. The chemical formula of this compound is V₂O₅. The powder of vanadium pentoxide is yellow/brown, but when mixed with water it turns to deep orange. This strange, yet interesting compound has a high oxidation rate and is both an oxidizing agent as well as an amphoteric agent. This compound is extremely rare and is found among fumaroles. When this compound is heated, it reversibly loses oxygen rather than gaining it and becomes V2O4, V2O3, VO, and metallic vanadium. This is generally used in sulfuric acid production and ferrovanadium production. Continue reading

Effects of Biofield Energy on Brass Powder

Brass is an alloy of two metals, namely zinc and copper. While both of these metals are useful on their own, combining them enhances their productive and useful natures. Brass is used in many industries and has become an indispensable element in many productions. Due to its strength to weight ratio, high corrosive resistance, and machinability, brass is a widely a popular choice amongst other metals when used for electrical and plumbing purposes. Continue reading

The Trivedi Effect: Is It Possible to Transform an Atom?

As children, we’re taught a lot about atoms and molecules. We learn about their composition, size, structure and a multitude more, and we’re taught that these components are the basic building blocks of existence itself (the atom being the smallest particle known to humankind). But perhaps what is most significant is that we’re taught you cannot change the size and structure of the atom. I also believed it to be true. The basic principle of science is that it is impossible to alter the size of the atom itself, holding the law of conservation true. However, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi has proven that yes, you can. In fact, in doing so not only is he opening new doorways for scientific inquiry and possibility, but he is also showing us the very limiting scientific scope of understanding that we are currently living in. Now, we don’t expect to know everything about the universe or nature through science, but Mr. Trivedi has shown us that the very foundation of our world of science may in fact be built upon incorrect theories and ideas.
Continue reading