How I shot the first project

These first few photos were part of the first half of the project that I was originally going to use. However, you will notice that the image is dark and the picture isn’t 100% clear because I was holding the camera at a slow shutter speed.

Since I didn’t have access to a tripod, I had to get creative in shooting the scenes while holding the camera still. For shooting the clothes on the chair, I placed the camera on my bed. I put a case on the handle of the camera so I would be able to capture the floor without having to worry about it falling to the floor.

For capturing making the bed, I placed the camera on a shelf that was in front of my bed.

The breakfast pictures were shot by placing the camera on another tray to be inline with the breakfast tray. I needed to have the arm of the couch in view because I wanted to make sure that the viewer knows that whoever is eating this breakfast is sitting on a couch, and I wanted to place the t.v. controller on the arm of the couch.

The backpack pictures were shot by placing a lot of books on this coffee table that was in front of the couch as a substitute for a tripod. I made sure that the camera was high enough so the viewer could see the backpack.

Please note that the pictures of the actual camera are just replicas of what I did. I wasn’t able to capture myself shooting the camera while I was working on the first project.

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