The Second Photoshop Experiment

Here is an experiment of more tools that I learned from Photoshop.

In this photo, I made the dresser look like it couldn’t be opened, even though it has handles. I used the blur tool to blur the pens and pencils in the holder. I also used the blur tool on the side of the shelf for an interesting effect. The picture also has a yellow tone from a yellow overlay that I crested with a gradient. You may also notice a little globe in the trash can. This globe that was on my pencil sharpener on my desk, was placed there with the help of the patch tool and the clone stamp. The random work of art on the dresser was created by using both the paint and the paint history brush. This picture also utilizes the exposure tool to lighten the shadow of the chair.

An orange overlay is used in this picture except for the gray corner which was erased after I used the overlay tool. There also used to be a flag in the bottom right of the picture but I used the clone stamp tool to remove it. I used the blur tool on the Coca-Cola bottle cap to see if it would smooth it out. The exposure tools were used in this picture to try to even out the red wall.

The dresser is presented as if it can’t be opened even though there are handles to open the dresser. You may also notice that there are no hinges on the closet door. I used the clone stamp tool to erase the hinge on the door. I also used the exposure tool to lighten the shadow that was cast by the dresser. The clock on the closet was sharpened with the sharpen tool just so I could see what would happen. The blue haze was done by using the gradient tool and then selecting the overlay option on the color blender option to blend the color with the picture.

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