THE FINAL PROJECT: The Starting Point

Last night (11/28/17), I brought home a mannequin for my final project. HUGE thanks goes to Professor Jasna Boudard for letting me borrow her mannequin.

I wanted to acquire the mannequin first so I would have a better understanding of how I could orient my pictures on it. I plan to use photographs of my sister for this project. Those photographs will be taped together from the back and put on to the mannequin almost like a suit. I will need to make a structure for the head to rest on for the top of the piece. I also plan to have the mannequin wear the bottom part of a gown to make it seem as if this piece is an actual person. To give that effect, I will have the mannequin stand on boxes to be at human height. Here is a sketch to visualize my idea for this piece. I also have my original plan for this project just to show my progress from my original proposal.

My sister agreed to this project and I plan to photograph her next week. After that, I will use the remaining lab time during the last week of classes to edit them. Once I edit the photographs, I will print them as soon as possible using either CVS or Walgreens to print them. When the photographs are printed, I will place them around the mannequin and adjust it to how I want. That is my plan to approach this final project.

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