Got Padina??

Well it’s not actually my turn to write a blog but I felt like doing so anyway. Being in Jamaica has been such a wonderful experience for me. Yesterday was amazing. I have never seen so many beautiful flowers and plants before in my life. Well living in Brooklyn I do have a sort of disadvantage but anyway..

I feel the best part of our field trip was getting to swim in the watering hole. Chris decided that everyone needed a little mud war paint. Which turned into an interesting "mud wrestling" match. Let me just say it may be good for the skin but its bad for the hair!!! and seeing everyone scale the muddy wall to jump off those rocks/swing off the vine made me realize.. I’m not that crazy =)

Getting to my project. I am studying seagrass beds to determine if they serve as nurseries for juvenile fish species. I have been snorkeling to various seagrass beds within Discovery Bay and using point count/string method noting what different types of fish I see, their stages and what size category they fit into. So far it seems as though my hypothesis is on the right tract. There seems as though there are a lot of young organisms living in a around the sea grass beds.

Tomorrow we present our final projects and all our lovely data we have collected over the week. Should be a very interesting thing to see. Also we get one last hurrah at leaving the compound tomorrow night. I can’t believe our stay in sunny Jamaica is almost over. I don’t know if I am about ready to leave 80+degree weather but hey I do love NY and the snow. So to my mom and sister (Hey Jen Jen!!) who are probably reading this, I love you guys and don’t worry I’ll be home soon with presents =) Oh and the ankle..GREAT hasnt hurt at all for days now.

Tonight were having a bond fire and a movie night. should be fun. Need marshmellows!! send some marshmellows!!!

I’m off to take some more pictures… and get in a few more snorkels while I still have the chance. I think I hear the chicken song playing..gotta run!

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