January 7 by Riki

January 7, 2007

“Rio Bueno!”


Sometimes it is a pain to wake up at 6am and get ready to do your school work. But not here in JAMAICA. The dive-site we went this morning (at 7 am) called Rio Bueno was AMAZING. The site had a huge coral reef wall that started about in the depth of 25 ft and dropped down straight to 120ft. The visibility was awesome, we could see the bottom of the wall from the top. And most importantly there were no current like yesterday’s dive.  Do not forget the diversity of life at the wall. There were schools of blue chromis, a beautiful blue fish following us all time, lots of corals, sponges, algae, and there were damselfish in every hole we could find trying scare us away by poking us.  I’m having a life like a dream. Have you ever imagined going scuba before your breakfast? I was feeling so sorry for the people in NY thinking of cold weather… but I heard you guys have a nice weather, too right? Enjoy!
Everything is going well here in Jamaica, like I enjoy diving 3 times a day, everybody is enjoying their stay in Jamaica. Maybe we’re having too much fun…


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