January 18- Gina

Gina_action_shot So we made it through all of 17 days!!! Well the night isn’t over. I do not look forward to the trip home, but I do have a most wonderful little girl waiting to press her lips against my face and that’s what keeps me going. This trip has been eventful, with the first part actually being very similar to a classroom setting, only in a tropical world and second half relaxed as we do our own field study projects. Today was havoc though, having everyone attempting to complete their reports and invading the teachers for help.  Our final dive trip was incredible and it consisted of going to a depth of about 50 feet. A green sea turtle was cruising on by as well as an eagle-spotted stingray. Riki was so awesome and held my hand to assure me that everything would be ok. I am a beginner diver and not entirely relaxed, but rather very stiff in the underwater world. I think of all that could go wrong and that I will forget what to do. Yesterday was a lovely day at the gardens. I felt at home with the trees. Not the best to hug, but definitely still awesome. The smell of the air filled with tropical flowers was so refreshing.  The trail led to a natural pool where we swung from a vine into the pool. I guess I had high expectations, because it was just ok. When we went to Dunns River falls, it was absolute thrills climbing up rocks as water is rushing towards you.  The bioluminescent bay was definitely trippy.  Just put your hand in the water and thousands of tiny particles dance on your skin. My bathing suit was all sorts sparkly for the next hour when I touched it.

This is Gina signing off.

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