January 12


Sal and Chris stand at the top of Dunn River Falls. Sal’s shoes have almost fully dried out now from the hike up the waterfall.

I woke up at about 8:30 am and went to get breakfast. It was a basic breakfast this time compared to their great breakfast food other times. It consisted of French toast, bacon and fruit such as papaya and watermelon, it was delicious and filling. After that I just walked around the compound for a bit just taking in the fresh air and the beautiful scenery. From 10am to about 1:30pm I stayed in my room, relaxed and took a nap which I shouldn’t have because I missed lunch. My lunch consisted of Oreos, milk and Ovaltine biscuits. You would think now with the other groups gone that there would be more food to go around but I guess people are just hungry fiends.

After lunch I resumed my science research project which is on Green Sea Urchins (Lytechinus variegatus) being able to survive in a brackish environment with natural food like Turtle Grass(Thalassia testudium) and/or artificial food like Yellow Corn Meal. I weighed the food first and then feed the sea urchins their food. Group#1 received only macro algae from the saltwater pipes, group#2 received only turtle grass, group#3 received only yellow corn meal, and group#4 received yellow corn meal and turtle grass. The basis of the experiment is which ever group of sea urchins die first means that they cannot survive in that particular type of environment with that specific food. Everyday I will also lower the salinity gradually with freshwater till it reaches about 20 ppt on the last day. I am looking forward to see how low the salinity can be for these sea urchins to live in.

After my project I went back to my room to listen to some music, one of the artists being Bob Marley, one of my favorite artists and why not? We’re in Jamaica Mon. For Dinner we had small pieces of soft supple steak drenched in gravy, a sauce coated fish, cabbage, spinach and other vegetables, a salad with lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes, and for dessert gingerbread cake. The food was amazing and delicious like everyday. I don’t even stuff myself like this during the semester or at home even though my mom makes awesome food. After dinner mostly everyone gathered at the girl’s room to chill, have fun and play cards.


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