16 Jan PM – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

This morning everyone started working on their research and a few had to change their ideas because of the fear of bad weather. Those of us doing their project on mangroves all went out for a group snorkel. We tagged roots, took water samples, and Kayla spotted a sea horse. It was a windy day and many of us had accepted the fact that diving and snorkeling would not be worth the effort. Eventually the wind did die down and divers and one DIT (diver in training) all went out for a dive at Columbus Park. This was my second real dive ever and I was very excited. 

We got out there, descended and regrouped at 20ft. Looking down all I could see was a deep abyss of blue but eventually and much to my surprise we touched bottom. The poor visibility wasn’t helped by the plume of re-suspended sediment kicked up by everyone. However, when we finally started to move the magnificent sponges, corals and other marine live became somewhat visible. I tried looking into sponges and crevices but the only notable thing I saw was a lizard fish, a few people saw a batfish, other than that I think the visibility was just too poor. Once we got back we went out to gather more research.  

Tangled amidst the roots of the mangroves and being harassed by the fearless dusky damsels we suddenly heard a rendition of “Ain’t no mountain high enough…” and the seriousness with which we were working was interrupted by snorkel-filtered laughter. Everyone must have been in a good mood today because the singing didn’t stop. It had started early in the morning continued through dinner, which was delicious, and right into the night. In the evening a few likeminded people had an urge to watch South Park however that urge was defeated by a beautiful fire started by Sarah. Everyone in our group stood around the fire winding down from another good day at DBML. There was singing, dancing and exchange of philosophy all of which burned throughout the night despite the extinguished fire. 

Sumo pics 002


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