18 Jan AM – The non-Easter West Indian Sea Egg Hunt

Today  Lawrence and I decided to swim out to the reef crest
right after breakfast when the water was still calm. After swimming for a bit
longer than I expected, we finally arrived at a spot where West Indian sea eggs
where abundant, to catch the urchins we had a simple but effective technique,
using a spoon I would throw the spiky sea urchin up into the water while
Lawrence would catch them using a net bag. Before long we had 25 sea eggs to
swim back with, this made the swim back twice as long and twice as hard because
our hands were full this time. After finally making it back to shore we put the
sea eggs in a tank and headed to lunch. After lunch we collected some turtle
grass (sea grass) from around the lagoon and then we ran into a problem. We
need to use a scanner to be able to measure the sea grass but after hours of
installing different software and drivers we could not get it to work with our
computers. After fiddling with the computers for about 2 hours we went outside
to discover that was the most beautiful day we’ve had here in Jamaica so we
decided to go snorkeling with the rest of the class. In the clear blue water we
were able to see lots of marine life; some of the more adventurous students
(Josh and Max) were even able to catch a balloon fish and a poisonous lion
fish. After dinner boredom began to set in so we decided to play a game of hide
and go seek which didn’t last were long. Afterward everyone headed to bed and
that was the end of another beautiful day in Jamaica.


Catching Sea


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