19 Jan – Dolphins in the Waves

was different from all of the other days that we’ve been in Jamaica because we
went on a boat ride to Rio Bueno to go snorkeling. Some of us went scuba
diving. It was really cool to see the difference between Discovery Bay &
Rio Bueno.  At Rio Bueno the water was
blue- er & there were more variety of corals & fish that I saw. It
looked more like what I expected coral reefs to look like. It was like jumping
into one of those under water calendars & experiencing the coral reefs in
person instead of just seeing pictures of them. It was so relaxing just
floating in the water watching the fish swim by.

            On the way back from Rio Bueno, the
fresh air & the sea spray definitely felt refreshing after swimming, we saw
a pod of bottlenose dolphins swimming through the waves. It was so cool! I’ve
never seen them in the wild so close before & it’s one of the once in a
life time opportunities.

            Unfortunately we couldn’t sit there
all day watching the dolphins… as much as we would have wanted to. We have our
research projects that have to get done & our time is almost up working on
them. Not to mention that we also have to present what we’ve done so far on
them tonight.

– Sarah D.

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