19 Jan – Another Great Day in Jamaica

[Ed: Apologies to Bryan for not posting his blog post on the correct day.]

Yesterday was another great day in
Jamaica.  I woke up still excited from
the night snorkeling I did the night before. 
Jason and I decided that we are going to try to go out for a night
snorkel as much as possible.  Without the
extremely regimented schedule that came with the lectures, I feel like there is
always something I should be doing, but most of the time, there isn’t. [Ed: Actually, there is.]  Much of my day was either on the computer,
researching the Spotted Sea Hare or out snorkeling while waiting for algae to

finally got a chance to snorkel out to the reef crest, and it was awesome.  There is much more life and activity at the
crest compared to the back reef and lagoon. 
It reminded of the type of activity that came out at night, which is a
lot more than the daytime.  After being
out for over an hour, I decide to head back in, but Jason and I are so far from
the dock that I cannot even see any people there.  We turned around to the dock and slowly made
our way back, still admiring everything we saw. 
As we passed over a boat channel, the water got deeper.  Watching the floor of the lagoon drop out
into blue nothingness beneath me was an offsetting, but amazing sight.  After swimming (against a current) for what
seemed like forever, we made it back.

the snorkeling, the experiment Jason and I are doing needed some
attention.  I weighed up algae, which for
some reason, is not as boring as it sounds. 
Then I fed the Sea Hares, covered up a tank, and went to feed myself,
not on algae though.  The food in
Jamaica, as previously stated, is delicious. 
I have never eaten anything like what we're are fed here most of the
time, but cannot get enough of it. 

Immediately following the Jets’ win [Ed: Auuuughghghghghghghg.!] , we played some hide-and-seek.  I could not find good hiding spots
personally, but my team won after three or four rounds.  The day wrapped up with some card games in
the dining area.  I realized I never got
to go out snorkeling that night, but who care? 
I’m in Jamaica, and there will be other chances.

 Bryan blog 1

A view of the Marine Lab from the jetty

– Bryan

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