19 Jan – Our Epic Adventure Under the Sea

[Ed: Apologies to Melanie as I didn't post her blog on the right day.]

Yesterday we woke up to another beautiful sunny day. A few
of us were motivated by the beautiful weather that we decided to go for a
morning snorkel to the reef crest. I have not yet attempted this venture, so it
was quite a thrill for me. The view from the crest was incredible! The
visibility was still low, but we still saw some amazing creatures, one of which
was a Spotted Eagle Ray! After the morning adventure, my partner Jean and I
worked on our project for a bit. Our project is at a stand -still at the moment.
We are experimenting to see if sunscreen has any affect on sponge filtration
rates. Once the sponges are removed from their habitat they take a little while
to settle before they start pumping again. Since our project is based solely on
sponge filtration rates we could not do any testing yet. We then decided to
take the afternoon off and lay out in the sun, so we didn’t mind the set back! When
things seemed like they couldn’t get any better, the ice cream man came again and
lifted our spirits even more. I know, it’s really been rough here in Jamaica,

This morning was so amazing. We woke up to the perfect day,
the wind was down, the water was still, and the visibility was excellent. The
conditions inspired us all to go on a scuba/snorkel trip outside Discovery Bay
to Rio Bueno.  It was such an awesome
adventure! Upon arriving at the site we were greeted by a sea turtle surfacing
just ahead of us. Once we got into the water the view of the reef was
unbelievable! I can’t even begin to describe it. It was a like an entire
kingdom underwater. The intricate structures, the vibrant colors, and the
diversity of life down there were so awe inspiring. And when things could not have
gotten any better, a small pod of dolphins came up to our boat and bade us
farewell as we were leaving! It was such a fulfilling experience, even if
nothing else happens on this trip I’m still going home a happy camper!

 Melanie snorkeling

Melanie snorkeling at Rio Bueno

Melanie corals

Corals at Rio Bueno

– Melanie

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