20 Jan – A Day of Days

Our outing to Cranbrooke Botanical Garden was full of
peacocks, bamboo, palm trees and crashing water rapids. We saw an orange tree,
swinging vines, and we ate Begonia flowers (after the tour guide recommended
it.) Lawrence even ripped off a whole branch and ate it like cotton candy. The
guided walk culminated at the riverhead, which was a 12 ft deep pool of cool
freshwater, complete with a waterfall and jumping rock. We were basically in an
enchanted rainforest.


   I was a
little disappointed when the bus that took us to the garden was not pumping Bob
Marley music they way the bus that took us to Duns River Falls was. But, the
guys were willing to provide a soundtrack for the ride. My personal favorite is
Jason’s break down in Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations. I think that is
Joe’s favorite as well. [Ed: No. It was not.]

            When we
returned to DBML, the day was not over for my partner Rachel and I. We still
had to snorkel out to the Back Reef and collect our clod cards that we planted
twenty-four hours beforehand! After getting off the bus and scarfing down some
PB&J we were less than enthused to suit up for our journey. Then, suddenly,
we were overcome with determination. It was our mission and duty to get to
those plaster cubes and bring them back to the lab. We had to do it for
project, for ourselves and for Discovery Bay!! We got SO pumped up, counted to
3 and jumped in the water together. We were racing against the sunset. It was
twilight so all of the creeps [Ed: She's referring to marine creatures, not her classmates.] were coming out of their daytime dwellings to feed.
The Diadema, especially, were emerging and clumped together in spiky villages.
We had three sets of clod cards to collect. The first two were easy to find and
the third gave us some trouble. Upon finding it, it was time. Time for an


          We made it
back for dinner, just in time to hear Brad and Joe talk about their most
embarrassing lecture moments. I felt honored to receive this knowledge, but it
is far to disturbing to discuss here.


~My new home in the Enchanted Rainforest~


~Something really beautiful in the Enchanted Rainforest that
I unfortunately do not remember the name of~


~An enchanted scene from the Enchanted Back Reef~

            Now, I know
I am stealing thunder from previous blogs, but I must say that the dive at Rio Bueno really
was the pinnacle of my experience here. Mind expansion has occurred. I could
have packed my bag, headed home, and been suspended from diving forever and
would have still been smiling feeling totally high on life. Coming out from the
grooves and spurs over the edge of that reef wall to find an abyss of blue
ocean is a vivid image that will be with me forever. As Brad described it, it
was a day of days.

            It’s down
to the wire now, and the finish line is in sight. Two days to finish collecting
data for our projects, one dive away from my certification, one night out for
dinner, one final presentation, and then we head back to New York. This has
been a great trip!




4 thoughts on “20 Jan – A Day of Days

  1. Wow, Meg. I am amazed at all you have packed in within such a short time. Thomas and Emma loved looking at the pcitures of all the underwater life surrounding you. It sounds (and looks) like you are having an experience of a lifetime–one that you can look back on and remember with only the best of memories. WAY TO GO!!!!
    Good luck with the project and presentation–I know you will do a fantastic job.
    xoxoxPeggy (aka Aunt Peggy)
    PS Perhaps your new home in the enchanted forest can serve as the site for the next “Carty Party”!!!

  2. Megan, your Day of Days has made my day! Your mom and I are grinning from ear to ear as we go about our mundane winter task visualizing all your adventures as told by your blogs and emails.
    We are sure your experiences are way beyond your expectations.
    So, do well, be well and “Cool divin’ mon”
    Can’t wait to see you and hear your stories and see your pictures.
    Love, Dad & Mom

  3. Hi, Meg…I must say you take some really gorgeous pictures. You capture the ‘color’ of the tropics which is totally amazing! I’m so glad that you are having such an excellent adventure. Enjoy what’s left of it. See you when you get back.

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