21 Jan – Coming to an end…

With only two days left we are all starting to feel the last
minute rush of madness and sadness. I can see it now, in less than 48 hours we’ll
all be running around like chickens with our heads cut off finishing up our projects,
cleaning up our wet lab mess, packing our suitcases, checking- in online,
paying outstanding balances(scuba and boat fees, etc), making phone calls,
writing emails, oh, and saying our goodbyes. But we still have two days so I’m
not going to gush about that now.

Yesterday I worked on my sponge project all day. I was
finally able to get a flow rate measurement and begin the experimental portion,
which was very time intensive and inconclusive, but I am hopeful that I will
have better results today. After a long day in the lab we finished off the evening
with a good old American tradition, barbequing. Although the food is great here
and we are yet to go hungry, many of us have been missing the comforts of home,
in particular, the cheeseburger! So thanks to the efforts of some motivated
individuals who coordinated this special event we gorged ourselves with a
classic American tradition with a Jamaican flare (jerk seasoning).

Today will be an event filled day as well. I have to work on
my experiment, get some sun, maybe go for a snorkel, and then prepare for what
we’ve all been waiting for, dinner at The Ultimate Jerk!  I know, where am I going to find the
time!  Anyway, dinner at The Ultimate
Jerk has a reputation of unprecedented fun. Word has travelled far and wide of
Brad telling his animated stories, attempting to dance, and Joe finally letting
his hair down! So we are all looking forward to some comic relief after an
intense two weeks. So they better not let us down, their course evaluations
depend on it! I’m just kidding, but seriously…



Melanie measuring the flow rate of a


 Enjoying a good old fashion barbeque

  – Melanie

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