21 Jan – Another Beautiful sunrise

 It’s been an exciting
week here at Discovery Bay, our ongoing research projects, our trip to
Cranbrooke, and our excursion tonight to The Ultimate Jerk for the ultimate jerk
chicken dinner.  It’s a local restaurant
with awesome Jamaican cooking (there’s been talk of karaoke and Brad dancing)

     The picture below
is what I woke up to this morning, the view from the jetty at 6:45am, along
with a warm breeze blowing calmly off the sea and crystal blue waters.  And the temperature in New York is What?  It’s almost the end of our time here at
Discovery Bay and we will be heading home to start our spring semester.  And I know for myself, the knowledge and
beauty of Jamaica that I have experienced will not only help me through those
long cold winter nights at home, but stay with me as an endearing memory.


 Lab and blog photos 004

Good Morning Sunshine!

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