22 Jan – All good things eventually come to an end…

Yesterday, 5 divers and I went out to Rio Bueno again, but this time, the excursion was not as amazing for me as the first time. The current was very strong, so keeping space and staying put to see things was difficult. But it was our official last dive as a group, so overall, it was a great experience! I got to touch my favorite sponge, Ircinia felix – better known as the “Squishy Cheek Sponge” (so named by Sarah) – for the last time. No dolphins though this time…

Right after the dive, I worked a bit on my project, making an extensive, final snorkel in Jamaica. After taking the rest of the afternoon off to relax, we as a group went to the Ultimate Jerk for some Jerk style cuisine. I ordered the last piece of fish (which ended almost tragically and fatally because Joe, who also is a pescatatrian, had a difficult time letting that go). [Ed: It's true, although some french fries did help soothe my fury.]  Throughout the night, the Jamaican vibe was highly enhanced by the non-stop 3 hours of Bob Marley music. Some of us couldn’t help but break out a move, dragging some less inhibited souls to sway with us to the music.

When we got back, the socializing did not stop. We hung out by the dock and on the jetty throughout the night, watching the clear night sky full of stars, filling the silence with stories and laughter. Needless to say, we all had a very enjoyable evening.
This morning was probably the first morning that I decided to sleep in. I have most of my data for my project, so snorkeling was no longer required. Now I have to put the rest of my presentation together and pack. As amazing as this Jamaican experience was, as the saying goes, all good things eventually come to an end…


Waiting in line for some yummy grub.


Rachel and Kayla (my lovely roommates) and I, being our gracious selves at the Ultimate Jerk.

– Margaret

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