22 Jan – Jamaican me Party!

So what can I say? This
has been an amazing trip. I am sad to report that this will be our last full
day in paradise and that the time until our departure grows closer with every
tic of the clock. Last night, we were taken to a local restaurant/hang out spot
known as “The Ultimate Jerk.” The night started with a choice of meat or
vegetables, smothered in delicious jerk seasoning and tangy sauce. After
devouring the extraordinary mound of meat and rice, which could be obtained for
a mere 330 Jamaican dollars aka a little less than 4 dollars American, we
waited anxiously for the bartender to put on some loud Jamaican reggae. Before
we knew it, we were all singing along, albeit poorly, to the smooth sounds of
the legend himself….Robert Nesta Marley.

The night’s intensity
grew and grew as Brad, a man’s man, recited his famous stories of adventure and
mishap with a passion that left everyone around him speechless and waiting to
hear what he would have to say next. Of course, some of the students felt it
necessary to tell some tales of their own. Some of the stories were of life and
learning and others were of well….let’s just say what is said in Jamaica stays
in Jamaica.

When we came back to
the compound a couple hours later, the entire class met at the dock for our last
group hangout of the trip. We were able to shut off most of the light around
the dock area, making the stars brighter and brighter every time a light switch
was clicked off. Even though we have all been working hard on this trip,
studying hard for our exams and thinking about ways to improve our research
project, we were all able to put it into perspective and realized that we were
all young, healthy and sitting in our bathing suits staring at the Jamaican sky
less than 5 feet from crystal clear water. As the group became sleepy, people
slowly made their way back to the dorms and with each and every person that
left, it was apparent that trip, like the night, was coming to a close. This
trip will live in our minds and hearts forever and I am grateful to have had
the chance to know each and every person who was part of 2010’s MAR 388 class.

-Josh Kaufman

 Fun Party....Obviously

Fun Party….Obviously




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