23 Jan – Happy Days

Here on the final day, all we have to report is memories. In all honesty the very last twenty four hours of Jamaica is not all that exciting. Stress to complete projects, pack, settle all business definitely holds precedent over goodbyes and final celebrations. Most of us are under rested, and all of us are or were over stressed. But it’s all over now, and now all we have is packing, the last supper and the ride to the airport.


Now I can use these memories to help me predict what I’ll see in the next few hours. First of all, I know that there will be an effort made to enjoy one final celebratory  moment. I can expect that there’s going to be a lot of scrambling to finish packing, but that’s not all that unique, right? Let me tell you what is unique and you won’t find with any group you travel with. I know that we’ll be singing. We won’t be singing well and few will appreciate it, but we will anyway. We will be learning to speak Deutsch, but we still won’t learn it well. I’ll see handstands and dancing. I know that many of us are no longer called by the names we introduced ourselves with. We came as individuals, but we leave as a group; a group that is now looking forward to pizza, cheeseburgers and ribs (again).   


– Jason


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