23 Jan – We came, we saw, we out!

Man, what a trip! As one of the outsiders, along with my
upstate cohort Ian, I was a bit shy arriving to this course. But was I ever
made to feel welcome with by Stonybrook MAR 388 classmates. We all formed this
dysfunctional family full of acrobats, singers, dancers, weightlifters and even
Disc jockeys. Despite the beautiful weather, today was a quiet day because we
all know it has come to an end, not to mention we were all working on the final.
Everyone is editing their PowerPoints and packing to return to the U.S., but I
can’t help but to feel a little torn. I feel like a found a new place to call
my home in Jamaica and I am very sad to be leaving.  The great thing is I have memories, 750
pictures and some new friends to take along with me back to Brooklyn, ugh
Albany I mean for my last semester in college…

My research partner Megan and I are probably going to hate
even hearing about anything relating to coral or current flow in the ocean, but
we both know it’s worth the late nights, random noises and spacing out for
those amazing grades we will get J.

I can honestly say I am blessed to have been able to attend
this trip. I mean, it was my birthday present seeing my birthday fell on the
very first day. Thanks mommy!  I learned
a lot, am going to live my life a little differently and appreciating the
things I have and the value of a good education.

My professors lectured and broke bread with us and things
got really intense and intimate. As the trip continued to unfold, people grew
closer and bonds were made that I think will be long lasting. It was like all
of the best holidays rolled up into one with the food. I was eating food I only
get on special occasions every single day. Sigh…Bliss. And did a hefty amount
of shopping. My friends will be pleased with their gifts.

I will miss being serenaded by the boys, and joining in with
them sometimes, people screaming to wake up their partners for snorkeling,
diving or research, Captain Morgan (our feline friend), and telling soo many
stories. It was real.

And now some quotes

“Rachel on the rocks”
“Eel tag! The Eel’s it” -Josh

“Yeah (Insert name
“Let’s do the Thalassia” –Josh& Max

“AAAHHHHH” –Avatar                                                                        
“Hah?” –Josh & Max

“Is that the
‘Dj Law’ -Nick

“Does anyone else
have caramel in their brownies?”-Sarah S.  
“OOhh, I have to pee”–Lawrence

Thnks Fr th Mrms DBML!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Ratatouille Rachel-

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