Project abstract: Comparison of community composition and invertebrate biodiversity in a sheltered mangrove and the back reef of Discovery Bay

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Mazzocco, Margaret Ptak, & Sumantro Ray


environmental factors affect the differences in the physical
characteristics of the mangroves and back reef of Discovery Bay,
Jamaica. These differences may be responsible for causing variations
in the number and types of organisms which inhabit them. Measurements
were taken of salinity, dissolved oxygen, and temperature in the back
reef and in a mangrove area where groundwater seeps were known to be
present. Random quadrats were photographed in each area and epiphyte
species within the quadrats were identified and quantified as percent
composition of the total surface area. Fish and invertebrate species
were identified and counts were taken of invertebrate individuals
present in 84ft
in each habitat. Total species richness and invertebrate abundance
was found to be significantly higher in the coral reef patch than in
the mangrove. Invertebrate and plant diversity were also found to be
somewhat higher in the back reef than in the mangrove. Vertebrate
composition and diversity was not found to differ significantly
between the two areas.

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