Project abstract: Porcelain Crab Territoriality in Anemones

Josh_max_Porcelain Crab Archetype

Kammerman and Josh Kaufman

There are numerous factors, both intraspecie (sex, juvenility) and
environmental (host availability), influencing the territoriality of
the porcelain crab species Petrolisthes armatus when utilizing
the anemone Condylactus gigantea as a host. Understanding the
influence of these variables on the lifestyle and behavior of
Petrolisthes armatus gives an insight into this particular
symbiotic relationship. We examined the effect that sex, juvenility,
and host anemone abundance had on porcelain crab behavior and
territoriality. The sex and juvenility tests were performed in a
controlled “wet lab” setting. The host sharing tests were
performed in and around the lagoon of Discovery Bay, Jamaica. We
found that territoriality behavior acts independently of sex, that
juvenility can affect ‘host sharing,’ and that low host abundance
positively correlates with increased territoriality.

4 thoughts on “Project abstract: Porcelain Crab Territoriality in Anemones

  1. This is really fascinating stuff! I am very impressed that this type of research is occurring at the undergraduate level. I attend SUNY Binghamton and I was wondering if I would be able to go on this trip next winter? This looks like an awesome and fun trip and I would love to be a part of this next year!

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