18 Jan PM – First Dive

I arrived in Jamaica late Thursday night. I really did not know what to expect. The next morning, we had to be at breakfast at 7:30 am, then lecture, then snorlekelling, then lunch, then lecture, then scuba check out dives, then lecture, then lecture, then dinner, then lecture. I was completly wiped out from the traveling the night before. I was not a happy camper the first day. But, then after a good night's sleep I was really able to appreciate the oppurtunity of being here, and looked forward to what our professors planned for us.


Jamaica really is the best of both worlds. It has beautiful green mountains, and crystal clear blue waters thriving with life. The water is filled with life from plants, invertebrates, and fish. You are able to see a lot of things by just looking off the dock, but when you get into the water it is a different world. Yesterday, we were able to snorkel on our own past the algal reef, and into the ocean. It was there where I had an experience with a Damsel fish. Damsel fish are algae farmers, so when I was trying to collect an algae sample, this fish was defending its grounds. It repeatedly kept waving its fins and swimming up down as it came after to me.

Kasey in the water.

Today was our first time taking the boat to a dive site. At first I was nervous, since it was my first 60 foot dive. But everything worked out, and it was truly amazing. I was able to witness the native people catching lion fish with a spear. It seemed like the dive went so fast. As I was ascending I failed to realize that I was far from the boat. When I arrived at the surface, I was in for a suprise. The swells were enormous, and the current was strong, but with the help of a good dive instructor I was able to make it back to the boat. Thats all for now, looking forward to the rest of my trip!!


– Kasey

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