19 Jan AM – Crunch Time

With one day left before the exam and a couple lectures to go it is nice to think about how much knowledge we have gained over the past few days. Four days in and a month worth of lectures, names like Chaetodon capistratus and Abudefduf saxitilus no longer sound like randomly slurred speech. Instead they evoke a mental picture of the many sea creatures they describe. I can’t say it hasn’t been a painful process trying to remember these things, but being able to see them in our backyard, along with study methods like group snorkels and “Jeopardy” has made it quite fun.

One of our nocturnal buddies
            One of our nocturnal buddies.

Aside from the studying, simply exploring the reef and collecting various species has been a blast. I have to say one of my favorite activities so far has been night snorkeling. The amount of nocturnal creatures sharing the reef is amazing. Not to mention cruising around crevices and grass beds with a single beam of light is as close to being on a different planet as I’ll ever get.

Volleyball anyone
            Volleyball anyone ?

After the exam I’m sure everyone’s mood will lighten up and we will begin conducting our own experiments. Taking my own experiences into account I could not think of a better place to be doing school work than in the warm sun and calming breeze of Jamaica


– Jake

(This post was erroneously attributed to Brooks by Prof. Warren. Sorry about that Jake.)

2 thoughts on “19 Jan AM – Crunch Time

  1. Don’t you just love the way Abudefduf saxitilus roles off the tongue? We should have required more species names on the exam. Maybe we could have a pop quiz!

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