26 Jan PM – The Final Stretch

Only three more days until we all return home to New York. People have been checking the weather for NY constantly to remind themselves of how lucky we are to be here. We're so close to the end now we can even see the weather for the day we fly home – so far looks like we shouldn't have any problems. Although I would much rather get stuck here than in snowy New York!


Right now we are all finishing up our projects which we have been working on non-stop since test day. Megan and I are doing our project on the effect of algal diet on ink production in the Spotted Sea Hare (Aplysia dactylomela – remember Steve?). We have caught a total of 32 Sea Hares and are feeding each of them a different type of algae (green, red, brown, and a group with all three). Each day we ink them and measure how much comes out. So far it seems like the red algae has the biggest impact since the Sea Hares that eat the red algae produce the most.


 Also since my last post, I have been officially scuba certified!!! I have gone on one dive since then (to the reef wall in Rio Bueno). I dove to my deepest depth yet – 60 feet. At first I was afraid to dive that deep but everything turned out great and our entire class was able to enjoy the day.


Scuba diving in Rio Bueno.


Later today we are going to a Jamaican Botanical Gardens and then are spending the night afterwards eating dinner at "The Ultimate Jerk", which is a well known Jerk Chicken joint around here. It will be nice to spend the rest of the day not worrying about projects and just enjoying what little more time we have here in Jamaica. Before I know it, I will be back home packing to go to Stony Brook again, bundled up in winter clothes. I am glad I was able to escape the winter to this tropical island for what little time I could, but it will definitely be nice to see my family, friends, and cat again when I go home.


Thats all I have to say for today. Until the last day when we all post an update about our projects, I'll be off working hard. Thanks for reading!



5 thoughts on “26 Jan PM – The Final Stretch

  1. hey Kat, all the Students blogs have been great, it almost feels as if I am there.Do you think the Red algae helps the purple color more than the other colored algea?. 60 feet!! Wow, thats great. I miss you a lot, the cat is still annoying.

  2. P.S to previous comment.
    Already 4 inches today, and 10 more tonight. Perhaps you can study why we are entering another ice age while experiencing the effects of global warming?.

  3. WOW!! Great job Kat,we enjoyed the blogs very much,can’t belive the baracuda swimming beside you .Try to enjoy ur last few days before comming back to Antartica LOL

  4. Fantastic job Kathleen… congrats on now being officially certified! Enjoy the rest of your days there and safe travels. A month today to your b/d!!!

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