05 Jan PM – Into the water.

Well we arrived yesterday and not any sooner could we have dove into a lecture! So far we have gone over the ecology of coral reefs, and basic interactions that occur within the community that exists between coral reefs and other species. I find that the best way to ever do things is by seeing them in action, like actually seeing the community you are studying, and the fishes that interact throughout them.

Our first snorkel experience was amazing, especially because the water was so nice. We got to see the various sea grass beds, fishes, and corals; such as mermaids fan(though I did not see it), Sargassum, Holothuria mexicana (Donkey Dung Sea Cucumber). This has been a great adventure so far but I Cannot wait to SCUBA dive and see the fore reef and what lies among the massive corals !The most interesting thing was seeing all these new fish and corals, along with the visible thermocline that you could reach down and feel the difference in temperature. Along with that is the neat lizardfish we saw today during the second snorkel, who was determined to not move while I hover over him because he was camouflaged into the bottom.

Lizardfish_You can't See Me, I swear
Lizardfish, you can't see me. I swear.

– Mike

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