15 Jan PM – Just Another Day in Jamaica

Today is our twelfth day staying at Discovery Bay and so far it has been amazing. These past couple of days have by far been my favorite. Going to Ocho Rios was amazing. I was able to do some haggling at the straw market and get a Jamaican soccer ball for almost half the original price. This was probably the best decision I could have made because we have definitely put it to good use. We have played numerous games of volleyball soccer with it. I say volleyball soccer because some of us can’t play volleyball and use our feet to return serves instead of our hands. This has definitely led to some interesting games.

Soccer ball
Best buy at the straw market.

I’m also really glad that there are other people here who will go running and workout with me. It is awesome to have a running partner and other people to do intense ab workouts with. I never thought I would come to Jamaica and want to work out for fun but there isn’t much to do at night in between working on my project and it is a good way to burn off all the amazing food the kitchen ladies have been cooking. They definitely have a special talent for preparing the locally caught lionfish and the shrimp last night was amazing!!

Joe’s lionfish dinner.

The most eventful night so far was 2 nights ago when Mike and Chris decided they were going to try to catch crabs and other random marine organisms hanging out on the rocks of the peninsula. Watching Mike hang off the rock trying to catch a crab while Chris held onto his ankles so he wouldn’t fall into the lagoon was hysterical. Hearing Chris scream like a girl when something crawled across his foot was also extremely amusing.

On a mission to catch crabs.

Steph and I are currently sitting in the cafeteria eating French toast, which is also amazing, and talking about what we are going to do with our project for today. We have collected 130 brittle stars so far and hope to collect about 70 more today. If anyone from our class is reading this we need banded-arm brittle stars!

Mass of brittle stars
Brittle Star pile up.

– Nicole

7 thoughts on “15 Jan PM – Just Another Day in Jamaica

  1. Hi Kevin, Can’t wait to hear all about your trip and the research you did while down there. Here’s hoping for calm mornings and hopefully seeing more turtles!

  2. Fish dinner looks scrumptious. How fresh can it be – right from the waters to the dinner table. Hey Chris, bring back some recipes that we can try at home. You know how much we enjoy cooking and trying new things.

  3. Hi Kevin,
    Your whole course and trip sound wonderful. Look forward to seeing lots of photos and hearing about your research project. The diving must be awsome.
    We had -2 degrees F. yesterday morning and a woping 2 above this morning here in Midcoast Maine.

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