18 Jan PM #2 – Going fishing

 I finished up the rest of my research today. Mike and I got some great data on fish predation rates within the bay area. I’m very happy I took bio stats last semester because it’s been helping me manipulate the data. We found one significant finding so far in our research and are looking to manipulate our data further. Jamaica became so much better once the rains stopped. Tried to tan but, ended up getting a little burned. I’ll live. It’s hard to believe I’ve been here for two weeks. The time flew right by. I’ll really miss this place and group of people. It’s been totally worth it

Wildcard blog 2 pic
One of the tiles we tied hooks to for our research. The idea is that predators will come in, take the prey, and get hooked. We haven’t actually caught any fish, but have had many prey items missing.  

– Nate


5 thoughts on “18 Jan PM #2 – Going fishing

  1. It’s so nice to hear that you got alot out of this trip and how other classes @ SBU were put to good use. Education is a valuable tool in life.

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