21 Jan AM – Snow ? Seriously ? Snow ?

We arrived back to NY last night and I'm sure everybody is getting over the shock of waking up this morning. It's a bit disconcerting to go from tropical breezes, clear aquamarine water, waves breaking over the reef, and fresh papaya, pineapple, and chocolate chip muffins at breakfast to several inches of snow and the thought that I need to find my snow shovel!

Speaking for Prof. Peterson and myself (and our TAs John and Amber), we really enjoyed working with the students over the past several weeks. They'll still be working on their research projects over the next few weeks as they write their final project papers, but we're posting all of their project abstracts here right now so folks can see what some of their results are.


Prof. Warren

2 thoughts on “21 Jan AM – Snow ? Seriously ? Snow ?

  1. My daughter, Brooke, enjoyed her time in Jamaica tremendously & wished she had more time there. She felt the professors/TA were very supportive & we thank them very much. All of us at home enjoyed being able to share the students’ experiences through their daily blogs.

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