13 Jan AM – Amir’s Untitled Blog Entry

we started the bulk of our experiment by performing transect surveys
along the coral reef out in Discovery Bay. We were looking for coral
disease along the reef, and we have become better at identifying
them. This was particularly difficult because of the wave energy and
the weather, which was at its worst today. Trying to string together
a straight, 45 foot line underwater while at the mercy of the waves
was not easy but regardless we pushed on and completed it. This
concludes only a small part of our experiment, and we have much more
to go. The rest of the day was spent doing research and eating some
great Jamaican cuisine.

Amir transect
Performing transect surveys.

DSD Amir
Suspected dark spot disease on a coral.

– Amir

photo description) Performing transect surveys

photo) Suspected Dark Spot Disease on a coral

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