13 Jan PM – Another Gusty Day in Paradise

Another Gusty Day in Paradise

With white caps visible in the bay again, some groups decided to stay in entirely and work on methodology and research while a few brave individuals ventured forth. Cuts, scrapes, and bruises continued to pile up on many of those that did head out to the water. Amir and myself went all the way out to the crest (which some said couldn’t be done, challenge accepted and conquered), which while the visibility was better, the wave action was daunting. Numerous times we found ourselves swimming as hard as we could against the sheer power of the waves, only to stay in place or to slow the speed at which we were being repelled from the crest. At some points, even with all of our efforts we would still be thrown back 3-6meters (~10-20feet for you non-metric folk), helpless against the will of mother nature. Persistence and determination paid off in the end though as we were able to make it all the way out and sit on some exposed dead coral to rest and converse about how next time we should bring lunch for a picnic. Pictures were taken and plans devised for our agenda tomorrow. Tonight we will be enjoying a BBQ outside and some hard earned relaxation!

Amir crest
Amir relaxing on the reef crest after a long hard swim.

Me crest
Me relaxing on the crest, happy to be done with the swim out and being able to take some pictures before heading back in.

Sickly coral
We found a bunch of coral that may be diseased for our research, but this is one that almost certainly would be!


Dan the Man


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