14 Jan AM – So Many Brittle Stars

So Many Brittle Stars

Projects are in full
swing now that we have an understanding of our projects and some
solid methods. Unfortunately, in my project, the brittle stars were
self-destructing yesterday in this morning. They clearly were not
happy about being placed in cups. Who know something would rip itself
into pieces because it felt threatened? Seems a little
counter-productive to me. Anyways, after collecting some new brittle
star and removing the cups they were held in, the project began to
pick up the pace again with far less bumps to deal with. Part two of
the research has begun and appears to be running smoothly, for now.
Hopefully, as we add one more step, complications will be at a

This is the
sea table my group and I are using for our brittle star research. The
tiles provide a dark place for the brittle stars to hide and seek
cover. The movements of the brittle stars are currently being timed
with different light sources.


This banded
brittle star was found in the back reef of Discovery Bay. After
finding this first one, I knew immediately I wanted to research them


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