16 Jan AM – Officially Divers but Always DITS at Heart!

[Note: We had some thumb drive corruption issues so some of these blog posts are from a few days ago. Sorry for the delays.]

Officially Divers but Always DITS at Heart!

Today all of the DITS (Divers in Training) completed our certification dive and officially became certified divers. The dive took place in the early afternoon and the location we got to explore was Discovery Bay Marine Lab’s own “Eco-Reef”. We got to witness first-hand what structures and methods are used by humans to aid in the establishment of a new reef ecosystem. After we completed our skills at about 20 feet we got to swim to about 50 feet and look around. Also we got to see, touch and hold some pretty large sea cucumbers. It’s a very accomplished feeling to know that the 8 of us who knew nothing about scuba diving only a short 10 days ago are now all equipped with the ability and the know how to do it on our own without the assistance of an instructor. So even though we are now technically CD’s (certified divers) we will always be DITS at heart!

Me and My Regulator Issues
Me and My Regulator Issues.

Hi Mom and Dad- Aaron
“Hi Mom and Dad!” – Aaron

Sam and her new Best Friend!
Sam and her new Best Friend!

Just hangin around at 50 feet
Just hangin’ around at 50 feet.

– Clara

One thought on “16 Jan AM – Officially Divers but Always DITS at Heart!

  1. I’m sure everyone had a great time and a tremendous learning expierence. DIT at heart CD by certification, but always my little girl. Still cant believe what I see. Extremely proud parents

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