16 Jan PM – Diving and Researching

Diving and

The day started off
with a boat ride to Rio Bueno leaving the dock at exactly 7:30am.
Everyone wanted to go snorkeling or diving out there this morning so
we all got up without even eating breakfast yet. Luckily for those
who didn’t fare too well with the waves and the motion of the boat,
breakfast was more of a treat after we were done with our trip.

The view
from the boat on our way to Rio Bueno.

Afterwards we had a
long day ahead of us where we all worked on our projects since time
is beginning to run out to complete them. Some divers even went out
for a second dive that day (a night dive) led by Mr. Scarlett. Others
had to stay back to finish up projects and present project updates to
the professors. It’s hard work but we’re also trying to enjoy the
last few days that we have left in Jamaica.

crab and snail collections from my group’s collections.


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