17 Jan AM – Rio Bueno Wall Dive

Rio Bueno Wall Dive

The sun was out the wind was calm as we all disembarked on the Explorer and the Scomber to leave Discovery Bay for Rio Bueno. After splitting up into groups of divers and snorkelers we swam away from the boats. While diving with Amber, Amir, Emily, and Amy we followed the coral reef to the drop off where we came across the wall which was a vertical drop down into the deep blue to a depth over 100 feet. We all spent 45 minutes at 55 feet seeing schools of parrotfish, blue chromis, and the occasional lionfish swimming by.
After returning from Rio Bueno most of the students continued doing work on their research projects. My group finished collecting the rest of our data and we are waiting for the samples to incubate and freeze before we can finalize our project. Tonight was our last night of project updates before we have to give our final project presentations on Friday before our final departure from Discover Bay Marine Lab.

Kevin Ryan - The Wall
The Wall…

-Kevin Ryan 

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