18 Jan AM – Last Full Day at DBML

Last Full Day at DBML

We are set to head to the airport around noon tomorrow, so today everyone is finishing up their projects, preparing for tomorrow’s final presentations, and trying to enjoy the last bits of sunshine and warm weather before heading back to New York. Last evening, a few of the newly certified divers took their first night dive past the reef crest, and were able to see spiny lobsters, a huge princess parrotfish, and bioluminescent organisms, and this morning, the rest of the divers took a final trip all the way to Runaway Bay, a short trip east of Discovery Bay. All of our experiments have to be done by four o’clock this afternoon, and following cleanup myself and a few others are planning to take one last snorkel out to the reef crest for some photos and (hopefully) some lovely shells. Much of the rest of the evening will be spent analyzing the data we have collected over the past week and packing for our flight. The past sixteen days have flown by, and I know I am not the only surprised that it’s already time to leave!

Susan and Peter hard at work scraping algae for their research project.

Tracey sorts through samples while Amber reviews the final dive logs.

– Lindsay

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