08 January – We have arrived. It’s a bit warmer here than in NY.

After a long day of travel and a pleasant 60F change in temperature, the 17 students and two instructors in the 2014 edition of Stony Brook University's MAR 388 Tropical Marine Ecology course have arrived at the Discovery Bay Marine Lab.  We just finished dinner and the first lecture has begun.  This is the "before" photo of the group upon arrival at the lab just after the sun set this evening.  After breakfast tomorrow, we'll be getting in the water and the students will start posting blog updates roughly 2-3 times a day. So please check in regularly, post comments (we LOVE parent comments on the blog!), and keep track of what's going on down here in the course.

Profs. Peterson and Warren


At the edge of the dock at the Discovery Bay Marine Lab, 7 hours and 60 degrees warmer than when we left NY.

5 thoughts on “08 January – We have arrived. It’s a bit warmer here than in NY.

  1. Try to bring some of the warmth back here to LI when you return – but in the meantime…. Enjoy it while you are there!!!

  2. Glad u guys arrived w/o too much trouble or delay considering the past few days with Jet Blue. Hope u all have a fun safe trip.

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