19 Jan PM – Update and progress 1,2,3…!

Jan 17th 2014

Jose Deniz

In the last couples of days we have being doing many good things. We went for our day trip to Ocho Rios and Dunns falls. A lot of tourists that come on cruisers around the Caribbean stop at Ocho Rios. Also, we are having a lot of fun playing night volleyball. I am the superman rescuer when the ball gets lost in the bushes. We already stared working on our researches and everybody looks like they are enjoying it, some of us are diving, others snorkeling, and others counting cells. Something else that called my attention of being at Discovery marine bay and learning from Duane one of the guys that drive the boats is that Discovery Marine bay actually was a place where Christopher Columbus landed in one of his trips. This place was called before Dry harbor until adopted the name that actually has now Discovery Marine Bay.

If you guys have the opportunity to try a fresh Caribbean drink you guys should try Sorrel. It is not a alcoholic beverages, but it contains a fruit that luckily is harvested during this time of the year. This juice contains with a little bit of ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and I guess a lemon or orange juice.


Sorrel juice a drank 1,2,3 or maybe 4  

– Jose

One thought on “19 Jan PM – Update and progress 1,2,3…!

  1. I don’t know what is in it, but I simply loved drinking sorrel juice when we were in Jamaica a few weeks ago. Delicious!

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