20 Jan PM – The Last Post from Kat/Kit Kat

As our days our coming to an end in Jamaica, it is time to reflect on the best moments. From the stresses of the beginning cramming for our exam to the now finishing up for the reason why we came here, our research projects. I’m so thankful that I was able to attend this trip, and I’m thankful for Joe and Brad for accepting me even though I have no marine science background. Not only have we done classwork but we were able to eat delicious Jamaican meals every day by the wonderful staff here, climb up waterfalls, haggle gypsies for our souvenirs, and yesterday we actually were able to walk through a cave with stylish miner hats. The cave was pretty cool, except the fact there was bats flying around everywhere. One of my classmates took the lucky dropping of bat feces on his shirt; thankfully it wasn’t me. All in all this is an experience I will never be able to forget.


Our stylish hairnets and cool miner hats


The beauty of nature.


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