23 Jan PM – So long to warm weather…


Here's the class on our departure day.  Tanner and smarter!

And we're back in NY!  And it is cold here.  It was difficult to leave Jamaica this morning after one final breakfast of french toast, papaya and pineapple, and blue mountain coffee.  But in a first for this trip, we had bad weather on our departure day. Rain, wind, waves.  I think that's actually a better way to leave the island, otherwise you're wishing you could be diving or snorkeling instead of on the plane.

All the instructors would like to thank this year's class for a great trip. We hope everybody had fun, learned a lot, and is currently getting ready to work on their final research papers which are due in 2 weeks !

We'll be posting each research groups project abstract (one per day) for the next week so check back to see what the student's found from their research efforts.

Profs Peterson and Warren

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